In 2009, the owners of AnchorBuilt Inc. created the Humble Fish Foundation, providing 75 Thanksgiving food baskets to local families in need. Every year Humble Fish has been able to increase their outreach to create a larger humbling impact on the community that has supported AnchorBuilt for over 20 years. With outstanding community support from local businesses and volunteers, Humble Fish has been able to raise funds and make each year more successful.

In 2016, Humble Fish reached out and helped over 700 families in need. Humble Fish partners with staff from Albuquerque Public Schools, Los Lunas Public Schools and Rio Rancho Public Schools to nominate families that they believe are in a hardship during the holiday season. AnchorBuilt Inc. takes pride in their charity foundation and is always looking for volunteers to help them in their mission to give back to the community.

For additional information on how to assist in the mission, please call (505) 717-2671.